Bringing poetry out of the book... and into everyday life.

Poetry Contest Winners            Poem Titles

Shelby Allen                               Trace
Jane Attanucci                           An Ordinary Day
Sabrina Elyse Bauer                  Presence
Ben Berman                                This Quiet Way
Meaghan Cocuzzo                      Young Heart
Susan Eyre Coppock                  Every Day Is a Poem
Nancy Genevieve                        Spring
Cindy Greene                              Community Conversation
Mark Hemment                            Sidewalk
Jonas Pena                                  The Way They Grew


Special thanks to:
Mayor Ruthanne Fuller
                City of Newton
Lily Canan Reynolds
                Community Engagement Manager, Planning & Development
Shubee Sikka
                Urban Designer, Planning & Development
Paula Gannon
                Director, Cultural Development
Linda Plaut (1940-2019)
                Director, Mayor’s Office for Cultural Affairs
Howard Sholkin
                President, Newton Community Pride
Jonathan Berk
               Director, Patronicity
Shane Mark
               Director of Streets, Newton DPW
Lillian Hsu
               Director of Public Art and Exhibitions, Cambridge Arts Council
Rusty Bisek
              Manager, Fourth Dimension CNC




MakePoetryConcrete was made possible by the generous donors  who helped us achieve (and surpass) our goal of $7,500 using the civic platform Patronicity.  MassDevelopment’s Commonwealth Places program then matched that amount. A call to poets was issued the spring of 2019 and a committee of 6 judges reviewed 140 submissions to select the 10 winning poems and 9 runners-up. 

The 10 winning poems have now been stamped into the concrete of recently constructed sidewalks in Newton’s village centers, around public schools, near local businesses, public parks, and transit stations.  Two of the winning poems are by students, some are by accomplished poets, and others were submitted by those who had never submitted a poem to a contest before.

 Some of the poems will likely make you laugh or smile, others may make you nod in understanding. Finding a sidewalk poem while you walk can provide unexpected pleasure that can brighten the day. One of poetry's transcendent powers is its ability to refocus, if not totally transform, our point of view. It is my hope that these poems willencourage us to consider other perspectives, open our eyes to new ways of seeing.
—Grey Held, Artistic Director


Poem Locations 

225 Nevada St., Newtonville                                                      “Sidewalk”  by Mark Hemment 
Corner of Minot Pl. & Walnut St., Newtonville                            “Trace”  by Shelby Allen

331 Walnut St. (corner of Highland Ave.) Newtonville                "An Ordinary Day" by Jane Attanucci

332 Walnut St. (near Village Bank) Newtonville                         "This Quiet Way" by Ben Berman

1286 Washington St. (near Attitudes) West Newton                  "Presence" by Sabrina Bauer

1296 Washington St. (West Newton Cinema) West Newton     "Young Heart" by Meaghan Cocuzzo

1321 Washington St. (by Police Station) West Newton             "Community Conversation"  by Cindy Greene

​Corner of Christina St. & Needham St., Newton Upper Falls    “ Spring”  by Nancy Genevieve 

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Poetry Contest Runners Up         Poem Titles

Miles Richards                              The Oak
Annika Walker                               Wings
Benjy Kantor                                 Bus to Cabot
Margot Wizansky                          Ephemera
Katrina Jacob                                Wise Cultivation
Caitlin Kontaridis                          Walking Home
Barbara Helfgott Hyett                  Gray Wolf
Maddie Adler                                 The Music of Spring
Joy Halsted
                                   The Visitor