Poet                                                   Map Location

Barbara Helfgott Hyett; Chestnut Hill, MA             F
Bill Brown; Greenbrier, TN                                       I
Catherine Strisik; San Cristobal, NM                      J
Clara Silverstein; Auburndale, MA                         C
Diane Croft; West Roxbury, MA                              A
Elizabeth McLagan; Portland, OR                           B
Emily Ferrara; Worcester, MA                                  K
Francis Lunney; Salem, MA                                     L
Joan A. W Kimball; Concord, MA                            N
Maxine Silverman; Nyack, NY                                  E
Sarah Sousa; Ashfield, MA                                      D
Richard Waring; Arlington, MA                                H
Wally Swist; Amherst, MA                                        M
Wandajune Bishop-Towle; Andover, MA               G

Grey Held sprays a final coat of varnish on one ot the poems.


The Poetry Project at Edmand's Park consists of contemporary nature poems by living poets scattered throughout the park. The project was conceived and executed by Grey Held, a Newton resident and poet. Held worked with Wendy Drexler of Belmont to develop a contest and selection process for the poems. Almost 200 poems were submitted by poets throughout the United States. Newton poet Wendy Mnookin selected 14 winning poems for installation in the park. The poems are affixed to the stones using a dry-transfer method resulting in a natural, nonintrusive presentation.

Gallery of the Poems